IMPORTANT FOR 1-10 JULY: Cool, all the shop things are back open, but what's up with shipping?

For those not in the loop: I spent the month of June in Germany for a really amazing internship opportunity. Now that I'm getting ready to return, I want to open up shop to get pre-orders for items for when I get back to the studio. However, even if you start ordering now, I won't be able to start shipping until 10 July 2015. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and I hope you'll still think about buying some works in the meanwhile – including some new works dreamed up while I was overseas.

What is your return policy?

For all original paintings on panel (as of April 2015, these are the Medium and Large Paintings), all sales are final – these works are one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings on panel that have their own quirks. Moreover, they're pretty difficult to get truly marred during transit. However, for all prints and paper works, if you're not satisfied with your order or said work is injured in transit, you'll get a full refund. Questions? Feel free to e-mail allison@aebrown.net with your concerns.

Why is the shipping so damn high? And why do certain items only ship within the United States?

Paintings are tricky little buggers to properly ship – yours truly has to build a custom box and pay a rather hefty fee so UPS will actually send it to you and yours. So you're not just paying for the fee for your work to get there; you're paying for the protection, too. Once I begin to understand the great big world of shipping, I'll begin to ship my paintings across borders! Please be patient, and if you're really interested, just e-mail allison@aebrown.net – we can make it work!

That said, great news for my international friends who want to buy any of my small works and prints: as of 5 May 2015, I ship those internationally! Great news for everyone.

Hey, I don't think I have a good understanding of what the product is from your image. Why don't you have multiples or close-up shots so I can see what I'm buying?

Sorry about that – I'm trying out Big Cartel as an e-commerce option and am testing the waters with their free option! As such, due to the limitations of the free site, I have only so many image slots to use. However, if you're ever curious about any potential work that you might want to purchase, e-mail allison@aebrown.net and I'll send you more product photos over so you can make an educated decision about the work you're purchasing.

I have a question but I don't see it listed here! Which is possible, dear seller, as there are literally only two questions in this FAQ.

Don't worry! Just e-mail allison@aebrown.net. I'll happily answer any questions not listed here, and if your question is one that's been asked repeatedly, I'll go ahead and put it up here.